6 Ways In Which Microsoft Windows Vista Secures Your Pc

Microsoft Windows Vista

Global reach and the information highway have changed the way individuals and businesses function. Computerization, the World Wide Web, and B2B and P2P applications have added a zing to business activities. The reach has grown beyond physical confines and boundaries to embrace the world.

In the fast paced world of business what causes grave concerns in security. With the use of computers and links to cyber space corporate crime is at an all time high and

1. High level security. Most companies spend thousands of dollars in securing their business data as with the advent of the World Wide Web cyber thievery is at an all time high. Vista is designed to provide multiple layers of protection. It will protect the business from external attacks and there are ways in which crucial information and data can be protected by creating a fortress of authorized access.

2. Back ups are automated and files can be recovered easily. So, if any information is inadvertently deleted it can be recovered.

3. Since the cyber highway is where security is lax and threats exist, Vista has Windows Internet Explorer 7. This is very advanced and provides great amounts of browser security and grants privacy … Read the rest